Bridging Crypto and Commons Scholarship and Practice

Crypto Commons Gathering 2021 (CCG 21)

Notions of the commons, common-pool resources and public goods have recently gained prominence in the sphere of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). Numerous projects have embraced them to denote novel forms of networked community, property and governance relations oriented towards the provision of common and public goods.

This resurfacing of the commons as an interpretative frame for crypto projects has also introduced conceptual ambivalence, which grows more problematic as abstract frameworks become populated by real communities. The call for stronger involvement of sociologists, philosophers and political scientists into the design of crypto networks appears particularly relevant in this light.

Conversely, the social sciences are well advised to explore the new potentialities DLTs offer to networks of commoners in depth as they call preconceived notions of the commons into question and may contribute to a new wealth of empirical and conceptual evolution.

Against this backdrop, the CCG 21 is envisaged as an intersection between technology and social sciences that brings together projects and academics working on crypto commons. The combination of exploratory practice and academic research is designed to be mutually beneficial: Crypto projects are invited to flag problems they encounter with commons practice and theory early on in order to shape the event according to their needs, and benefit from the theoretical depth and analytical rigor of their academic counterparts.

Researchers gain easy access to the vanguard of crypto commons, which challenge preconceptions of commons scholarship and promise conceptual innovation as well as a return of commoning to the center of the global digital stage. The program follows three broad themes, which participants are invited to refine according to thematic expectations, needs and expertise:


Commons Theory

Addressing the challenges crypto commons pose to existing scholarship and established practices of commoning requires theoretical depth and conceptual clarity.


Community Building

Crypto commons projects excel in designing novel market dynamics, but have to learn from traditional commons history and communities in terms of soft governance and culture.


Commoning Strategies

The integration of crypto commons into the broader movement for a commons-based economy requires active and multi-layered strategies for cooperation.


Participants are expected to actively contribute to the content of the Gathering as to the communal management of the facility, and will be carefully chosen based on expressed motivation and qualification.

Applications must entail a CV and a brief motivation letter detailing reasons to attend and envisaged contributions - this could be a conference paper, workshop or book presentation, but also a clearly outlined problem statement to be tackled during retreat.

Please indicate the length of your stay, your accommodation preferences as well as any special needs in your email to Applications will be considered in batches after each deadline according to expressed motivation as well as their fit with the overall balance of interests.


Tickets to the whole CCG week including conference and retreat (28.8.-3.9.) are sold only to accepted applicants.
We do not want to exclude anyone based on financial constraints. If you need help with funding please let us know in advance and we will try to find a solution.

Tickets to the conference (28.8-29.08.) are available at 30€ per day until June 30th, they do not require application. Simply email us at and make your reservation.

Early Bird
March 31st
May 31st
Last Minute
August 27th

* Disclaimer: In case of cancellation by participants, an administrative fee of 30€ will be deducted from the refund. In case of cancellation of the event itself (you never know in times of COVID), the whole ticket price will be refunded.