CCG 21

Bridging Crypto Commons Scholarship and Practice

The Crypto Commons Gathering 2021 brings together projects and academics working on crypto commons in order to strengthen the ties between crypto and commons scholarship and practice.

It opens with a two-day conference composed of presentations, panel discussions and keynote speeches to establish mutual understanding of shared visions, problems and potentials.

Thereafter, five days of retreat, workshops and ad-hoc working groups in smaller circles are oriented towards finding palpable solutions for clearly defined problems.

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Commons Theory

Addressing the challenges crypto commons pose to existing scholarship and established practices of commoning requires theoretical depth and conceptual clarity.


Community Building

Crypto commons projects excel in designing novel market dynamics, but have to learn from traditional commons history and communities in terms of soft governance and culture.


Commoning Strategies

The integration of crypto commons into the broader movement for a commons-based economy requires active and multi-layered strategies for cooperation.


As the CCG will be shaped to considerable extent by the projects participating in it, the details of its program are still being worked out. However, we are happy to already announce cornerstones that give an idea of what to expect:

Keynote Speech #1:
Adam Arvidsson
Capitalism and the Commons
Keynote Speech #3:
Michael Zargham
cadCAD: Computer Aided Design for Complex Systems
Keynote Speech #5:
Angela Kreitenweis
TE Academy - Painting Algorithms and Programming Ethics for New Economic Systems
Keynote Speech #2:
Michel Bauwens
Commoning as a mode of production
Keynote Speech #4:
Dennis Rojo aka Jaromil
Zenroom: A Human-Readable Smart Contract Execution Environment

The Venue

The venue, a charming former Country Inn at the eastern foot of the Austrian Alps, is particularly well suited for fostering real connection as it constitutes the antithesis of cold and impersonal conference halls we all are too familiar with. The surrounding nature completes the scenery as it invites for panoramic walks, steep hikes and mushroom picking.



Tickets to the whole CCG week including conference and retreat (28.8.-3.9.) are sold only to accepted applicants.
We do not want to exclude anyone based on financial constraints. If you need help with funding please let us know in advance and we will try to find a solution.

Tickets to the conference (28.-29.08.) are available at 30€ per day until June 30th, they do not require application. Simply email us at and make your reservation.

Early Bird
March 31st
May 31st
Last Minute
August 27th

* Disclaimer: In case of cancellation by participants, an administrative fee of 30€ will be deducted from the refund. In case of cancellation of the event itself (you never know in times of COVID), the whole ticket price will be refunded.