What is the Crypto Commons Association (CCA)?

The CCA is a benevolent non-profit association recognized by Austrian law under the ZVR Number 1681305239. It was founded in April 2021 by Felix Fritsch and Giulio Quarta as a legal entity aiming “to actively promote the development of digital common goods and infrastructure in the field of distributed ledger technology (blockchain and the like, referred to as 'Crypto Commons' in the context of the association), their academic reception and analysis, their public accessibility as well as their broad social application and appropriation.

The digital common goods and infrastructure to be promoted include, in particular, freely accessible protocols that are beneficial to the common good by making planetary resource limits visible; Coordination mechanisms for decision-making of horizontally organized groups; as well as market mechanisms which, in addition to internalizing external costs, generate funds for the regeneration of natural commons. 

The academic reception and analysis of 'Crypto Commons' to be promoted includes, in addition to scientific work, also and above all the design and accelerated development of the emerging interdisciplinary scientific field itself. The promotion of its public accessibility regards not only low-threshold, popular-descriptive access to secure technical and factual knowledge but also socio-political and socio-economic possibilities of interpretation, which allow a public to position itself in relation to these technologies. 

Last but not least, the broad social application of these technologies to be promoted also includes their popular appropriation and subversion in the context of socio-political concerns and controversies.” (Crypto Commons Association Statutes, Paragraph 2, translated from German)

How do we do it?

The means the CCA wields in order to reach these aims are:

a) events

Lectures, panel discussions, conferences, hackathons, team retreats, etc.

b) a club house (the cc hub)

That offers our growing community of Crypto Commoners a permanent physical focal point by accommodating the events mentioned under a) and, in addition, provide digital nomads and project teams with temporary accommodation, shared working spaces and a forum for informal exchange between domain experts;

c) multimedia publications

Academic and popular articles and books, documentations, podcasts, etc.

d) homepage & other online presence

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

E) online, offline & hybrid adult education courses

Crypto Commons Association Statutes, Paragraph 3, translated from German

download and read the full Statutes

our team

Felix Fritsch
Felix, 32, Austrian, currently writing a PhD thesis on Crypto Commons at the faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore. Heeding crypto’s call in early 2017, I have since attempted to apply the experience gathered with various social movements and community centers to the digital realm, which ultimately led to me founding the CCA in early 2021.
Anna Kaic
Anna, 26. Digital nomad. Doing marketing and all-related-stuffs. Leading the shiller's guild in MetaGame helping building a world of better opportunities for all. MetaGame representative at the UBI Blockchain Collective. Helping projects communicating their true self. In love with corgi dogs, sushi and quesadillas.
Oliviero di Lanzo
Oliviero works both in documentary and in software development for social impact. He attended the NEMO Academy Film School and worked for the ORF foreign magazine WELTjournal. Currently he is responsible for the digital project at the Service centre for the voluntary sector in Italy for which he is producing the documentary “Outsourcing the Social”, a film about volunteering and its impact on society and the economy.
Giulio Quarta
Giulio, 25. Co-founder of Crypto Commons Association, sociologist, Italian. My passion is to enable and empower emerging post-capitalist ecosystems of platform cooperatives, blockchain infrastructures, local communities and all things Commons. Collaborating with different projects, especially FoxFire and Coop Valley.
Humberto Besso
Humberto, 31. UN's Sustainable Development Citizen Ambassador, Universal Basic Income Summoner at the UBI Blockchain Collective, Public Goods Patron, and Metaverse Rogue at MetaGame. Dedicating my life to facilitate global prosperity and peace wherever a human being lives by putting together regenerative plug-and-play templates for city DAOs to implement.
Joshua Davila
Joshua. 28.  Blockchain Solutions Architect, consultant and writer based in Paris. Interested in exploring alternative economic models through the use of decentralised technologies. Currently writing a book on blockchain and cooperatives with Repeater Books based in the UK.

Can i become a member of the cca?

Full membership in the association (including voting rights) is currently issued based on a very restrictive ‘invite only’ policy and has not yet been opened to our wider community. While we cherish community stakeholdership and involvement, and ultimately want to run the CCA and through it the CC Hub as a collectively governed commons, we take advice from other community-based projects seriously to not weaken our mission by opening up too soon and too fast. Rather than turning the CCA into a DAO now and face a mess of a myriad of issues ranging from renovating and managing a physical place to interaction with local authorities and what not at the same time, we plan to decentralize one step at a time, based on careful consideration with our stakeholders.

Supportive membership (without voting rights) is going to be available on a bi-yearly basis from early 2022 on and will entitle members to a range of benefits. First and foremost, these include the right to early booking of events and accommodation, before the general public is eligible to do so. Furthermore, we are planning to broker tech deals with fair companies for our members in order to ease departure from the tech fiefdoms we have all grown weary of but are too lulled to leave.

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