The Crypto Commons Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization founded in early 2021 to facilitate the use of DLTs in the governance and (re)production of material and immaterial commons.

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Its mission is to consolidate the nascent movement of crypto commoners by providing a nurturing intellectual environment as well as a permanent physical location for the vanguard of ‘Blockchain 4 Good’ initiatives.


It is with genuine pleasure that we invite the burgeoning ReFi scene into our newly founded Crypto Commons Hub next spring in order to come to terms as a community and possibly as a movement, but also to forge alliances with neighbouring initiatives gathering under our roof. Responding to public calls for an ‘Unconference’, our offer is merely to host, organise, network and facilitate, while programmatic matters will by and large be left at the discretion of the participants. If generally appreciated, we may prepare a few defining interventions – keynote speeches by renowned domain experts, a mini-hackathon based on a local regeneration challenge, a hike through Vienna’s water reservoir forest, etc. The bulk of the program, however, will be structured at the beginning of the Unconference at the discretion of the participants and the dynamics this gathering develops.

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Early Bird
February 1st
March 31st
Last Minute
April 29th

Ticket prices excluding accomodation and food & beverages.

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Participants are expected to actively contribute to the content of the Unconference as to the communal management of the facility, and will be carefully chosen based on qualification and expressed motivation. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have or contributions you want to make. We look forward to exploring the frontiers of regenerative finance with you next spring!

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We also offer

- Food & Beverages
- Accommodation
- The vibe

The CC Hub, located in a charming former Country Inn at the eastern foot of the Austrian Alps. While two lecture halls provide ample space for parallel sessions, the taproom with regulars’ table, couches and vinyl record player makes for a comfortable lounge for coffee breaks and later hours. At night, regular bonfires in the pub garden end the days with an aura of solemnity that invites thoughtful reflections on prominent themes just as on the state of the world at large. The surrounding nature completes the scenery as it invites for panoramic walks, steep hikes and (very!) refreshing baths in a pristine river.

Food: €20 per day for 3 meals and (plenty of) beverages

Accommodation: €20 per day, ~20 beds in rooms of 2 or 3

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Richard von Schöller-Straße 9
2651 Hirschwang an der Rax
Lower Austria, Austria

Public Transport:
The connection by train to Vienna takes about 1h20 and goes roughly every 30 minutes. The very last bit of the journey is by a bus that goes less frequently, but if notified in advance we will pick up guests from the train station by car.

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