Open Social Cooperative

The Connective

Open innovation ecosystems, social enterprises, platform cooperatives, decentralised data management infrastructures, local innovators, peer to peer networks, makerspace and rural labs, bio-hacklabs, token economies, new spaces and new value systems.

A diverse ecosystem emerging on a global scale is experimenting with alternative forms of production, relationships and ownership, with radically new and different logics and practices from those of the mainstream: no longer market competition, based on private ownership and aimed at individual profit but sharing, decentralization and cooperation based on global commons as knowledge, data and the environment for the collective good.

The Connective is a consultancy and research cooperative engaged in mapping, connecting and empowering these agents of a new economy, the Commons Economy. 
At the moment we are mainly contributing to the Crypto Commons Gatherings 2021 and to the digital commons-based upgrade of the cooperative movement, the Platform Coop Consortium.

We are always open to new collaborations, for any communication please contact us at