What are crypto commons?

Crypto commons are a subset of digital commons emerging in the context of Distributed Ledger Technology. They comprise base layer protocols, applications built on top of them as well as tools and mechanisms used in their design and calibration. In contrast to pre-DLT commons they usually make active use of market mechanisms and economic incentives in order to reward contributions to the common Good.

Their solid grounding in market mechanism design as well as their distributed and permissionless operation by loose networks of incentivized supporters opens up the possibility of scaling Commons frameworks beyond the local and immediate. As a computational and organizational substrate for decentralized economies, they reinvigorate post-capitalist visions of commoning as a mode of production formulated in the wake of the internet.



A temporary home to distributed communities, digital nomads and projects on retreat 

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A hybrid event location and a playground for non-extractive takes on the Metaverse

3d model and ourverse

A former country inn surrounded by 19th century noblesse, situated at the foot of the Viennese Alps



Solarpunk NOW!

Get ready to turn your Solarpunk WOW! ideas into reality at the Commons HUB! Join us for hands-on progress and make a positive impact in your community.

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Spring 2023,
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SOLARPUNK WOW! Gathering 2021: how it all began

Exploring a counternarrative to the dystopian cyberpunk theme. October 8th to 14th, 2022

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Crypto Commons Gathering 2021: how it all began

Bridging Commons Theory and the Crypto Economy. August 28th till September 3rd, 2021

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A filmmaker follows a loose federation of technologists and activists using
blockchain technology to redesign the economy for common ownership.
Are they going to break the economic binary of Silicon Valley digital
monopolism and hyper-capitalistic cryptocurrency markets?