post-capitalist visions of commoning.

Crypto commons, a subset of digital commons emerging in the context of Distributed Ledger Technology such as Blockchain, comprise base layer protocols, applications built on top of them as well as tools and mechanisms used in their design and calibration. In difference to legacy commons they make active use of market mechanisms and economic incentives in order to reward contributions to the common Good.

Their solid grounding in market mechanism design as well as their distributed and permissionless operation by loose networks of incentivized supporters opens up the possibility of scaling commons frameworks beyond the local and immediate. As a computational and organizational substrate for decentralized economies, they reinvigorate post-capitalist visions of commoning as a mode of production formulated in the wake of the internet. is dedicated to developing a coherent theoretical integration of crypto commons within the wider architecture of commons scholarship.

This ongoing work chiefly entails exploring new forms of networked communities and the tools and mechanisms they develop in their quest. However, it also includes consideration of these novelties in the light of longer standing theoretical as well as practical issues the spread of commoning as a post-capitalist practice is facing.

In an effort to facilitate theoretical and applied innovation in this field, the Crypto Commons Association organizes the Crypto Commons Gathering 2021 as an intersection between applied cryptoeconomic design, community building and commons scholarship. Furthermore, it is currently producing a documentary on Crypto Commons that seeks to bring more mainstream attention to the phenomenon. Last but not least, the Association is also in the process of sowing the seeds of an open knowledge base in order to give emerging theoretical debates on the nature of the crypto commons a public platform.